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Ex-Marine cites rationale for supporting gun rights

Around midday, Maureen Gard took a break from watching the political process play out on closed-circuit television nearby to remember growing up in Chicago as the daughter of a police officer. Her

Enthusiast recalls troubling encounter

For one gun enthusiast, the seed was planted in the mid-90s. That was around the time that Josh’s family moved to Goshen (like most of his cohorts, he did not want his last name used). He says that he

‘Carrying a gun is not a license to hurt someone’

Theodore Antonities is more tempered in his critique of the impending legislation than most card-carrying NRA members. A former naval radar intercept officer, was raised in a gun-friendly household in

‘I was born free and I’m going to die that way’

“The bad guy ain’t going to give up his guns,” said Rick, a refrain that was echoed throughout the early morning. “And if you don’t believe me watch ‘Gangland’ on Spike TV.” As an example, he pointed

Report: Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church, who regularly protest military funerals (and often show up in the wake of similarly tragic events) announced Saturday that they plan to protest President

Presser notes

UPDATE, 12:09 a.m.: In his press briefing this morning, Vance said that Lanza “was not voluntarily let into the school,” indicating that the shooter forcibly made his way inside. Parents and community