A look at the 15 different state unions

There are 15 different unions in the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) represent 34 bargaining units, each with their own contracts as noted:

1. Council 4 – AFSCME, AFL-CIO 15,600

Representing employees in social and human services, correction, treatment and parole officers, clerical employees, higher education program administrators, judicial and criminal justice workers, and many more:

• Clerical (NP-3) Contract expires 6/30/12 4,500

• Human/Social Services (P-2) Contract expires 6/30/12 3,800

• Corrections (NP-4) – (In Negotiations) Contract expired 6/30/11 4,800

• Criminal Justice Employees Contract expires 6/30/12 1,000

• Judicial Non-Professional (JN-7) Contract expires 6/30/12 600

• Dpt. Higher Education Administrators Contract expires 6/30/12 700

• Technical Colleges Administrators Contract expires 6/30/12 80

• Charter Oak College Professional Emps Contract expires 6/30/12 70

• State University Administrators Contract expires 6/30/12 40

2. New England Health Care Employees Union, District 1199/SEIU, CTW 7,700

Representing healthcare employees including nurses, physicians, social workers, therapists, technologists, technicians, mental health, developmental, and children service employees providing care and service in the departments of mental health, developmental services, children and families, public health, corrections, UCONN health center and others:

• Health Professionals (P-1) Contract expires 7/1/12 3100

• Health Paraprofessionals (NP-6) Contract expires 7/1/12 4600

3. AFT Connecticut, AFL-CIO 6,800

Representing employees in higher education administration and faculty, healthcare, vocational education,financial management and planning, probation and child support enforcement officers, and many more:

• University Health Professionals, UCONN Contract expires 6/30/12 2,500

• UConn Professional Employees Contract expires 6/30/12 1,600

• Vocational Technical Federation Contract expires 8/31/12 1,200

• Judicial Professionals (JP-6) Contract expires 6/30/12 1,300

• Tech Colleges Faculty Contract expires 6/30/12 200

4. Administrative and Residual Union (A&R) AFT – AFL-CIO 3,300

Representing non-managerial professional state administrative workers including accountants, fiscal workers, tax collectors, bank examiners, inspectors, attorneys and their supervisors. Also included are a many very specialized professional job classes such as airport managers and elevator inspectors.

• Administrative and Residual Contract expires 6/30/2012

5. Connecticut Employees Union Independent, Local 511, SEIU, CTW 4,500

Represents service and maintenance employees, including D.O.T. maintainers, maintenance/custodial staff for the State Universities & UConn, skilled tradespersons, cooks, and custodians at a majority of State agencies:

• Maintenance and Service (NP-2) Contract expires 6/30/12

6. Congress of Community Colleges, CCCC, Local 1973, SEIU, CTW 2,000

Representing full and part-time faculty and professional staff working at Connecticut’s twelve community college campuses:

• 4Cs Faculty & Professionals Contract expires 6/30/12

7. CSEA SEIU Local 2001, CTW 3,900

6 bargaining units representing workers who deliver diverse public services, ranging from inspecting bridges, to maintaining air quality, to educating blind children, to protecting consumer’s personal information, to conducting criminal investigations:

• Education Administrators (P-3A) Contract expires 6/30/12 240

• Institutional Educators (P-3B) Contract expires 6/30/12 700

• Engineering, Scientific, & Technical (P-4) Contract expires 6/30/12 2,418

• Correction Supervisors (NP-8) Contract expired 6/30/12 400

• Police Inspectors (DCJ) Contract expires 6/30/12 75

• Supervising Judicial Marshals (SJM) Contract expires 6/30/12 50

• State Police Commission Officers (CSPCOA) NEW – First contract in negotiations 45

8. UConn Faculty – AAUP 2,000

Representing full-time faculty, research professionals, and coaches, as well as part-time faculty at the University’s main campus in Storrs, and the regional campuses in West Hartford, Waterbury, Torrington, Stamford, and Avery Point (Groton):

• Faculty and Researchers at UCONN Contract expires 6/30/12

9. CT State University Faculty – CSU-AAUP 1,150

Representing full-time and part-time faculty, counselors, librarians, and coaches at the four CT State Universities (Central, Southern, Eastern and Western):

• CSU Faculty Contract expires 8/23/12

10. UConn Health Center Faculty – AAUP 550

Representing full-time and part-time faculty at UConn Health Center

• UCHC Faculty NEW – First contract in negotiations

11. Connecticut State Police Union, NTC 1,150

Members are troopers, sergeants, and master sergeants in Connecticut’s Department of Public Safety Division of State Police, regionalized into 12 Troops across three districts, as well as decentralized specialized units, statewide; responsible for patrolling state highways, providing primary law enforcement services for 80 towns and cities statewide, and has multiple specialized units to assist Troops and municipal police departments as requested:

• CSPU (NP-1) Contract expires 6/30/12

12. Protective Services Employees Coalition, IUPA/IAFF AFL-CIO 900

Represents law enforcement, firefighting, regulatory, and other public safety personnel employed by the State

of Connecticut:

• Police/Security/Fire Personnel (NP-5) Contract expires 6/30/12

13. IBPO/SEIU Local 731, CTW Judicial Marshals 750

Representing judicial marshals working for the State Judicial Branch, whose duties include providing prisoner transport and courthouse security, as well as staffing 24-hour lockup facilities in Hartford and New Haven:

• Judicial Marshals Contract expires 6/30/12

14. Connecticut Association of Prosecutors 260

Representing Connecticut’s prosecutors and fighting for justice on behalf of the victim’s of crime, their families, and the people of the state:

• State Prosecutors Contract expires 6/30/12

15. Connecticut Federation of School Administrators Local 61, AFSA, AFL-CIO 61

Represents the Connecticut Department of Education’s principals and assistant principals at the 18 Connecticut Technical High Schools located throughout the state:

• Technical High School Administrators Contract expires 6/30/12

Jim Shay