Mayor Finch makes first attack on Mary-Jane Foster’s business record

BRIDGEPORT — Mayor Bill Finch made his first jab at his mayoral opponent Mary-Jane Foster Thursday with a radio ad criticizing her involvement with the once-struggling Bridgeport Bluefish.
In the ad, one woman asks another woman whether she’s been following the mayor’s race in Bridgeport. When the other woman says she hasn’t because her summer has been busy, the first woman goes on to compare Finch to Foster, who co-founded the city’s baseball team.
Of Foster the woman says: “She’s telling people she’s a successful business woman…Well, as CEO and part owner of the Bluefish, she lost money nine years in a row. Things got so bad, she even took a million dollar taxpayer bailout.”
“So wait,” responds the other woman, “Mary Jane’s only business lost money and she took a taxpayer bailout? That’s not going to get my vote.”
The two women then give the mayor credit for new developments downtown, including developer Phil Kuchma’s mixed-use complex, which was the first new development in more than two decades. “I know, with so many new businesses opening, we actually enjoy going down there again,” one woman says. The two then agree that voting for Finch is a “no-brainer.”

Keila Torres Ocasio