Calm start to Primary Day at Marin School

About 30 to 40 voters have cast their ballots at Marin School for the Democratic primary. The polls have been open for two hours.

Supporters of Mary-Jane Foster and Bill Finch have gathered on opposite sides of the entrance, each group setting up at the 75-foot distance from the doors, as required by law.

The supporters have been quiet, thanking voters as they leave and welcoming them with info when they arrive. One man, clad in a bright yellow Finch For Mayor T-shirt, stopped to hug a friend, and fellow Democrat, who is supporting Mary-Jane Foster.

The voters seem mixed early on between Foster and Finch.

One woman, who declined to give her name, said he chose Finch because she doesn’t trust Foster with the city finances. She said she likes Foster, except for the fact she lost money while running the Bluefish.

Jose Ortiz, 43, said he votes for Finch also, but wasn’t really sure why.

“I just felt I had to vote today, as an American and as a Bridgeport resident,” he said outside of Marin School, where voters from the 137-01 district on the city’s East Side cast their ballots.

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Tom Cleary