Some UB students turned away at polls

BRIDGEPORT — A U.B. senior who registered to vote several weeks ago is one of about two dozen students turned away at Roosevelt School Tuesday.
The 20-year old student, who declined to give her name, arrived at the poll with her roommate, Megan Ey, 20, on the university shuttle at about 3:30 p.m.
Neither girl was initially allowed to vote due to issues with their registration. A few calls, however, helped determine that the issue with Ey’s registration was an incorrect address. When the sophomore registered in an on-campus voter drive back in July she said she gave Cooper Hall as her address but ended up living in Bodine Hall instead.
She was allowed to vote after about half an hour. Two hours later, though, her roommate was still waiting for the registrars office to offer an explanation for having no record of her registration. A call to the UB registration committee that registered the student to vote this month showed they had an incorrect address for the student as well. But the registrars office had no record at all of the student.
Democratic Registrar Santa Ayala said she needed the list of students that registered at that time.
The student said she would wait as long as it took to find it. “I just want that definite yes or no answer,” she said.
Other students turned away also had address issues, although some had registered as unaffiliated and were not qualified to cast a vote in the Democratic primary.

Keila Torres Ocasio