A Kansky supporter in Monroe

Alan Vaglivelo, who is running for an uncontested position on the Board of Education (this will be his second term) held a sign in support of Democratic candidate for first selectman Phyllis Kansky.
He said he would like to see Republican incumbent Steve Vavrek voted out of office because he “hasn’t been fair to our school system,” Vaglivelo said. “He never bothered to talk to one BOE member, Democrat or Republican, throughout the budget process. His first year cut $2.3 million and this year gave us $1 dollar. We didn’t even get chance to vote on increase.”
As for Kansky, Vaglivelo said “I think she’s going to be fair. She’s a fiscal conservative, but she’ll be fair to the schools. She’s willing to listen.”
None of the BOE seats are contested this year, but all of the Town Council seats are, and both parties are running full slates.
Vaglivelo said he supported controversial Town Council member Michele Mount, who said earlier this year she felt she was bullied by other town officials.
“Michele Mount works hard,” Vaglivelo said. “She’s controversial because she’s not afraid to bring up tough issues. People in power see her as controversial.”


Vinti Singh