Trumbull voter turnout close to 40 percent

TRUMBULL – Turnout at the middle school has been “fairly heavy,” moderator Jackie DiTullio said. “There’s been no real lull at all. Trumbull usually turns out for its local elections.”

As of 6 p.m., 39 percent of voters had turned out. At the same time in the 2009 municipal elections, 41 percent of voters turned out.

The Connecticut Post polled voters as they exited Hillcrest Middle School at 5 p.m. Tuesday.  Some quotes:

“I voted for Herbst. I am Republican and he’s done a pretty solid job the last two years he has been in office. He’s doung a lot bette than Baldwin did. He’s held taxes down. I’d like to see him bring more businesses in town to keep holding taxes down.” – James Kertesz, 50, Moose Hill Road

“”I voted for Herbst. I thought he’s done a good job. I voted for all the Republicans, and I voted yes for all the charter changes. I’m not 100 percent sure how old the charter is, but I assume it could be fairly old. It probably needs to be updated.” – Bob Jordan, 55, Quaker Lane

“I voted for Thornton. I just feel like we need a change. I’m concerned about some bonding issues, how we’re not raising taxes, but still getting money from other places. I chose to abstain from the charter questions because I didn’t know anything about them and I don’t think it’s responsible to vote for something I know nothing about.” – a 56-year-old Chalon Road resident

“I voted for Thornton. I think we need a change. There’s a lot of controversy in town that wasn’t here two years ago. I want it to calm down. I voted against the charter changes because I don’t think anyone, including the elected officials, know enough about them.” – Liz Skov, Iron Gate Road

Vinti Singh