Tong fundraising email targets August primary, ignores convention

Even as he courts the Democratic delegates needed to remain competative at the party’s May nominating convention, U.S. Senate candidate William Tong is telling supporters he will mount a primary in August and take the decision out of the hands of those same “party insiders.”

In a fundraising email Marc Bradley, Tong’s campaign manager, totally ignores the convention. Bradley instead appeals for an infusion of cash before the quarter ends March 31 to “do everything we can to make sure voters get a choice in August.”

Tong is a state representative challenging a pair of more prominent Democrats – U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy and ex-Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz – for the nomination to run in November to replace the retiring U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman.

He has been crisscrossing Connecticut meeting with local town committees and asking for delegate support in May, but it’s proving an uphill battle, even in his own legislative district.

The winning nominee needs the backing of 50 percent plus one of all of those delegates present at the party convention, and 15 percent support to mount a primary.

Candidates who fail to obtain the 15 percent have a few weeks to collect signatures to petition their way onto the primary ballot, as Republican Peter Schiff did in 2010.

Here’s Bradley’s full message, capital and boldface letters included:


Connecticut Democrats deserve the right to decide their Democratic nominee. The challenges facing our country are too great to simply leave the decision up to political operatives in Hartford and Washington.


We’re ready to fight for the nomination and we’re going to DO EVERYTHING WE CAN to make sure voters get A CHOICE in August.

But to do that, we need the funds to keep running strong. Our fundraising quarter ends on March 31st and we need your help!

Donate $50, $100, or $250 today to ensure that VOTERS pick our nominee, not the PARTY INSIDERS.

With five more months until the August primary and the race about to start heating up in the media, we’re working as hard as ever to continue building our support.

As William visits town after town across Connecticut to tell people his story and present his plan to reclaim the American dream, we’re emboldened by the feedback we receive. His story resonates with so many who are struggling in this economy, and his plan offers concrete solutions to problems affecting Connecticut residents on a daily basis.

We’re working hard to run a campaign based on ideas.  NOT ENTITLEMENT.  We’re fighting to earn Connecticut’s support.

Donate $50, $100, or $250 today to support a campaign that respects voters’ ability to distinguish between career campaigners and a hard working state representative running on a plan to get America back on track.

Thanks for your support. It’s what keeps our campaign going day in and day out.


Marc Bradley
Campaign Manger

Brian Lockhart