Cappiello answers Linda’s bat phone

Former State Sen. David Cappiello of Danbury, the campaign manager for Linda McMahon in 2010, pumps his fist after her state GOP convention triumph.

Contrary to the handsome and well-chronicled compensation package of Linda McMahon’s 2010 campaign manager David Cappiello, the former state Senator from Danbury is not on permanent retainer.

Cappiello confirms to Hearst Connecticut Newspapers that he will be volunteering for McMahon at Friday’s state Republican convention in Hartford, however.

McMahon’s current team reached out to Cappiello to enlist his help at the party conclave, where she will be competing against former Congressman Christopher Shays for the GOP endorsement.

Cappiello was one of the architects of a pair of McMahon victories in 2010 at the party convention and then in the GOP primary, where she dispatched ex-Rep. Rob Simmons and financial prognosticator Peter Schiff to win the nomination.

A floor general for McMahon at the last convention, Cappiello received an annual salary of $280,000 from the wrestling matriarch, who dropped $50 million of her own money on the campaign.

Neil Vigdor