Meek cedes GOP nomination in 4th CD to Obsitnik


Republican candidate, Chris Meek, right, talks with Woodbury resident Chris Ford. Steve Obstinik won the Fourth Congressional District nomination at the Connecticut Convention Center, Friday, May 18, 2012. Photo: Johnathon Henninger / Connecticut Post Freelance

The Goldman Sachs reunion in the 4th Congressional District race is off.

Stamford Republican Chris Meek, who finished a distant second to Steve Obsitnik for the GOP’s endorsement in the 4th CD but captured enough votes to force a primary, is abandoning his bid to challenge fellow Goldman alum Jim Himes in the November election.

In an interview with Hearst Connecticut Newspapers this morning, Meek revealed that he will NOT carry on with an Aug. 14 primary against Obsitnik.

“It’s best that I step out right now,” said Meek, 41, who “retired” from a career at Goldman to run for Congress.

Meek referenced the protracted and tempestuous GOP nominating race for president, expressing a reluctance to go down that path.

“As I take a step back and sort of look at the national landscape, we’re polarized too much right now,” Meek said. “I don’t want to be part of that process. I’ve always been someone who has focused on finding solutions, not being part of the problem.”

Meek grabbed 27 percent of the vote a week ago today at the state GOP convention in Hartford, well above the 15 percent needed to force a primary.

Obsitnik, a wireless consulting executive from Westport, won 73 percent of the vote in the 17-town district. 

“If it was 60/40, I would have maybe pursued it,” Meek said. ” I was very proud to have my hometown behind me as a delegation.”

Meek’s decision to bow out of the race clears the decks for Obsitnik to focus his resources, i.e. money, and energy on Himes, who is seeking a third term.

“I will be working with Steve and his team to help get his message out there,” Meek said.

Neil Vigdor