Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm Pray Jr.

The air was thin.

But the checkbooks were plenty fat this past weekend at The Chateaux at Silver Lake, the posh Deer Valley, Utah, hotel/lodge that was descended ascended upon by 800 of Mitt Romney’s top bundlers of cash for the former Massachusetts governor’s White House bid.

That’s Chateaux with an “x” — plural for you non-Francophones out there.

Malcolm Pray Jr., the former Greenwich auto dealer and collector of antique cars, scored at an invite to the exclusive retreat, according to multiple published reports in the Washington Post, New York Times and Tribune.

Just because you own a Studebaker, won’t get you an invite to this exclusive alpine club.

Pray is a cash cow for Republican candidates, from former Gov. John Rowland to ex-Congressman Christopher Shays.

And now Romney is his latest GOP political cause.

Neil Vigdor