Is country better off? ‘Hell yeah!’ Malloy says

As Rick Dunham and others have pointed out this week, there’s been no shortage of Democrats struggling with a fairly simple question: Is America better off than it was four years ago?

Count Gov. Dannel Malloy as at least one Democrat gathering in Charlotte this week for the party’s convention who thinks it’s an easy question to answer.

Asked the question during an appearance Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Malloy gave a pretty emphatic response.

“Hell yeah!” he said.

Malloy, who will speak at the convention Wednesday, proceeded to rip Republicans as an out-of-touch group that spent the entirety of last week’s convention in Tampa (Malloy called it the “Tea Party convention”) rehashing old, failed policies.

“They spent three days telling you that lowering taxes on very wealthy pepple in the country will actually make the country better,” he said. “It’s not true.”

Malloy said he’s confident Democrats this week can make the case for Obama, who polls show is in a virtual dead heat with GOP nominee Mitt Romney just over two months from Election Day.

“This is our chance to make it very clear why our candidate is very different from Mitt Romney, why we have a better vision and why quite frankly, the United States  is in a far better place today than it was four years ago,” he said.

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Ben Doody