Orrin Hatch: U.S. a “laughingstock” internationally under Obama (VIDEO)

Denver – Just spent a few moments with Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch – a longtime friend and supporter of fellow Mormon Mitt Romney. Hatch said he likes Obama personally, but he is a “terrible president.” And yes, he said he thinks the just-released 2007 video of Obama talking about the federal response to Katrina is relevant in this campaign.

Hatch said that the U.S. has become a “laughingstock” internationally under Obama, who is “apologizing” around the world. When we pointed out that Obama NEVER apologized, Hatch said that depended on how you define apology. No, that’s not so.

Here’s what Orrin told the San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate.com’s Shaky Hand Productions:

Joe Garofoli