Ross Perot (remember him?) endorses “living legend” Mitt Romney

Hearst Washington Bureau

Just hours before the second presidential debate was to take place, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney announced that Texas billionaire and ’92 and ’96 Reform Party presidential nominee Ross Perot has endorsed him for president of the United States.

“Ross Perot’s accomplishments as an entrepreneur, as a political leader, and as a naval officer make him a living legend,” said Mitt Romney. “He understands the challenges facing the nation and what it will take to meet them. I am proud to have his support.”

Perot took part in the highest-rated town hall debate in presidential campaign history. Then-President George W. Bush’s performance in the Richmond debate helped to cement Democrat Bill Clinton’s lead in the 1992 campaign.

But Perot is lining up strongly behind the Republican nominee this year.

Of why he endorsed Romney for president, Perot said:

“Our country faces a serious choice. The fact of the matter is that the United States is on unsustainable course. At stake is nothing less than our position in the world, our standard of living at home, and our constitutional freedoms. That is why I am endorsing Mitt Romney in his quest for the presidency. We can’t afford four more years in which national debt mushrooms out of control, our government grows, and our military is weakened. Mitt has the background, experience, intelligence, and integrity to turn things around. He has my absolute support.”