Zingers?! Not us, says Mitt Romney campaign guru Stuart Stevens (VIDEO)

Denver — Before the last presidential debate, the cable chatter was all about the zingers. Who’s going to have the best zingers. Let’s recall the great zingers from past debates. You remember. Then the debate came and there were…uh…no zingers. And in the case of President Obama, no zing.

Well, after the Denver debate, Romney campaign strategist Stuart Stevens told us, essentially, “Zingers? Whaaaaaa? Us?”

We called bull on Stuart. EVERY candidate brings SEVERAL prepared lines – les zingers, if you will — to the debate. Former Michigan Guv/Joe Biden VP sparring partner/Current TV’s “War Room” host Jennifer Granholm told us that when you see a candidate furiously scribbling when they first walk onto the debate stage, they’re often writing down their, ahem, zingers or five points they want to make, whatever they REALLY want to remember.

And as we wrote on Tuesday, you’re not likely to see any detailed policy points scribbled down on that paper to be uttered Tuesday night. Or anytime until election day. What to watch for on Tuesday: How each candidate “pivots.” Read here to find out more about the science of pivoting.

Nonetheless, here via the magic of San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate.com’s Shaky Hand Productions, is our chat with Stuart Stevens after the last presidential throwdown:

Joe Garofoli