Foreign policy debate Drinking Game starts here

We’re not going to lie. Yes, we are total politi-geeks. But we’d much rather be watching Game 7 of Monday’s National League Championship Series than a foreign policy debate, even one that includes the next President.

Go ahead. Call us shallow. You won’t be the first.

Nevertheless, we will be glued to The Schieffer — wondering if he will ask a folo-up question. Just one, Bob. Just one. The bar is low, dude. Lehrer low.

To keep your interest — and frankly, ours — we suggest you slug back a hit of your favorite international beverage (Ouzo, vodka, Guinness, sake, Campari, Kool-Aid) every time you hear mention of the word….:

Benghazi (you could call it a night on this one alone)
“What did he know and when did he know it?”
One shot for every time Obama says he’s met with Bibi over 12 times
Africa (five shots…it will never happen)
Halle Berry (14 shots)
Any South American country other than Brazil (two shots)
“leading from behind”
Cayman Islands
“Chicken tikka masala”/any mention of diplomacy with India (both equally unlikely — 14 shots)
“Standing up to China”
“geopolitical enemy”
“currency manipulation”
al Qaeda
“An Apple store in China”
investment portfolio
drones (two shots)
immigration reform (four shots)
drug cartels
Romney’s French mission tour as a young man
Romney’s Olympic London tour
“trade war”
Osama bin Laden (two shots if Romney mentions)
Osama bin Laden (four shots if Obama DOESN’T mention)
Robert Gates
nuclear capability
The new movie, “Seven Psychopaths” (87 shots)
Dream Act
“Arab Spring is crumbling”/Arab Winter
Dick Cheney
“wars fought on a credit card”
Hillary Clinton

Joe Garofoli