Was Romney having an Albert Brooks/Richard Nixon sweating moment (VIDEO)

Maybe it was tiny, non-HD screen we watched Monday’s debate on, but we didn’t quite get soaked by the tsunami of sweat that some on social media are buzzing that Mitt Romney was spewing.

Or, as Albert Brooks — icon of the greatest TV flop-sweat moment in movie history in “Broadcast News — tweeted: “If Romney sweats anymore I get a royalty.”

Hi-yoooooooo! Here is Albert’s famous scene:

Broadcast News _ Sweating The News by hulu

Of course the quintessential Presidential Debate Flop-Sweater was Richard Nixon during his 1960 debate with John Kennedy. On CNN, former Obama White House appointee Van Jones dropped the Romney-as-sweaty-Nixon reference.

Here, in living black-and-white TV, is vintage Dick:

Joe Garofoli