National Rifle Association weighs in on U.$. $enate race, against Chris Murphy

Last week, the Federal Election Commission website indicated that while Republican Linda McMahon was outspending US Rep. Chris Murphy overall by about 4-to-1, including tens of millions of dollars in her WWE fortune, Murphy was ahead in so-called independent expenditures, where he had about $7 million in support compared to McMahon’s $720,000. Well, the total is now up to $8,539,542. Murphy still has the edge, including about $200,000 from the Connecticut Future PAC.

But the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action has joined the spending spree, paying for a little $48,000 postcard campaign against Murphy that showed up in mailboxes around the time of the hurricane. Also, the American Unity PAC has paid for a $135,000 media buy in support of McMahon.

A new filing today indicated that Murphy is also benefiting from an $11,000-plus production cost from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. It means that a new ad buy is most likely in the works. Also, the International Association of Firefighters has foot the bill for a $100,000 ad against McMahon.