Birthday ballots

Dispatch from Greenwich Time’s Frank MacEachern:

Luke McCarthy celebrated his 72nd birthday Tuesday by casting his ballot for Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
He was unhappy with both Romney and President Barack Obama.
“They spent too much money and talked too little about the issues.”
He said both candidates didn’t address the poor and said Republicans have to reach out to Black and Hispanic voters.
McCarthy, a backcountry resident, said he voted for Obama in 2008 but said he is disappointed that Obama didn’t accomplish what he promised to do.
McCarthy is dismayed how much money was spent on campaigns. He said he spoke with C-SPAN creator Brian Lamb in 1996 and said Lamb told him money was the biggest threat to democracy.
“That was in 1996, 16 years go and it has become so much worse,” McCarthy said.

Albie Yuravich