Bridgeport voters given wrong information

BRIDGEPORT — Luis Andino flew in from Puerto Rico Monday to help convince voters at Cesar Batalla School to vote for his friend Andres Ayala Jr.
He knew it would be a long day of passing out fliers and saying the state senate candidate’s name over and over. He didn’t know he would spend three hours telling jokes just trying to convince people not to leave the poll without voting.
But that’s what Andino was forced to do, he said Tuesday, when roughly 40 people who were certain they were assigned to vote at Batalla were told by poll workers that they couldn’t vote there. These individuals were rerouted to Batalla because of construction at Roosevelt, their usual polling place. But Tuesday they were incorrectly told to go to City Hall.
Andino said he told jokes (some in Spanish since many of those waiting were Latino), passed out food and did anything he could to ensure those individual’s could vote. After waiting three hours, Andino said Mayor Bill Finch, an Ayala supporter, arrived and corrected the problem. Andino was happy to report that all those who waited had a chance to cast their ballot.

Keila Torres Ocasio