Candidates last effort

The 106th District race has no incumbent this year, so Newtown Democrat Lisa Romano and Newtown Republican Mitch Bolinsky were hitting the polls on Tuesday trying to get the last bit of support they could muster.

And both candidates seeemed to be positive about the support they had garnered.

Bolinsky’s campaign manager Joe Girgasky said their tour of the polls was very positive. He said Bolinsky was getting lots of encouragement.

“He’s feeling good,” Girgasky said early in the afternoon.

Waving and chatting with residents as they headed into Reed Intermediate School Tuesday afternoon, Romano was upbeat and enthusiastic about the campaign to date.

Her goal in opting to become a candidate _ two-term Democrat Chris Lyddy opted against re-election – was to do something good for the residents of her community. If elected, she said she intends to meet or exceed expectations. If not, Romano said she will find other ways to be of public service.

Her campaign lesson: “People care a lot about our community.”

Nanci Hutson