Meet Troy


BRIDGEPORT — Wearing bright yellow t-shirts, and carrying bright yellow signs that carried the simple message: “Vote Yes,” those in favor of turning school board selection over to the mayor were out in force at most polling places in the city Tuesday. Those opposed to the effort had more modest signs, and at Batalla School, a secret weapon: Troy.

 Troy Roseboro is 8 and is in the forth grade at Roosevelt School. He didn’t have a yellow shirt, or a sign, but carried a stack of flyers, which he dutifly dispersed into the hands of all who passed.

 “Vote  ‘No,” he told me as I approached.

“Why,” I asked.

“Because we want Obama to win,” he said assuredly, before moving onto the next person.

Just about everyone he encountered broke into a smile.

When Jason Rivera, wearing a yellow “Yes” shirt told Troy he too supported Obama, the young pollster gave him a “What are you talking about look,” and carried on.


Linda Lambeck