Too young to vote, but able to participate.

They are too young to cast ballots, but John Blashke, 14, a Bunnell High School freshman, as well as sophomores Neileauna Medley, 15, and Alexis Williams, 15, participated in Tuesday’s election campaigning for opposite parties outside Stratford High School for much of the morning. Blashke was campaigning for Republicans Linda McMahon for US Senate, and Joe Crudo, for State Representative. Medley, also a Bunnell student, and Williams, from Stratford High, were campaigning for Democrats including Terry Masters for state representative. They were also urging people to vote for Obama.

 “We know this is important,” said Medley.

 “This is the best thing we can be doing today,” added Williams, who like most students in the state had no school on Tuesday.

Linda Lambeck