Keeping score


Connecticut Republicans are sitting on three times as much cash as their Democratic rivals, state and federal campaign finance filings show.

The state GOP reported $106,737 in its federal fundraising account as of May 31, according to the Federal Elections Commission. The party also posted $14,097 in its state fundraising account as of June 30, per the State Elections Enforcement Commission, which uses a different filing calender than its federal counterpart.

That works out to $120,834 in total cash on hand for the Republicans, who probably would trade their money advantage for political success.

It’s been seven years since a GOP candidate won a statewide office in Connecticut, where Democrats control both chambers of the Legislature and rule over the entire U.S. House and Senate delegation.

The GOP is coming off its biggest fundraiser of the year, the Prescott Bush Awards Dinner, which was held in May and attended by more than 600 Republicans at a $250 minimum per person.

Democrats had just $314 in their state account as of June 30 and $38,239 in their federal account as of May 31, for a total of $38,554.

The party is still in the planning stages of its annual Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey fundraising dinner, which will be held later this year.

Neil Vigdor