On the Mark: Boughton endorses Greenberg

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5 Responses

  1. Garcia says:

    How much did Greenberg pay Boughton for this endorsement, is the question? Boughton is a loser. He will be in the primary for Governor and his endorsement for the 5th CD means nothing.

  2. Crystal says:

    Mark Greenberg would be leaps and bounds above the back-bench do-nothing, Elizabeth Esty. Besides running photo contests and mugging for the camera with the Sandy Hook cyclists, she’s accomplished absolutely nothing of note. She has no legislative accomplishment whatsoever. That is due to the fact that she’s in over her head, and that she’s in lock-step with the Democratic Leadership who dictate her vote.

  3. UpinCT says:

    If one does actual research on the issues, one will find Greenberg to be much more in touch with the concerns of the typical 5th district voter. Esty is very liberal, in bed with Blumenthal, and has not represented us. She has voted her own convictions and not those of her constituents.

    Soon after celebrating her victory over the “special interests”, she did an ad thanking a Pelosi’s Super Pac that spent nearly $1 million to get her elected. No thanks at all to the voters or her volunteers.