NYT/CBS poll: Foley 42, Malloy 33


Republican Tom Foley might want to hold off on canceling his subscription to the Gray Lady — if he hasn’t done so already.

A new online poll conducted by the nonpartisan research firm YouGov in partnership with the New York Times and CBS News shows Foley leading Democratic incumbent Dannel P. Malloy 42 percent to 33 percent.

Another 8 percent of respondents were leaning toward Malloy, compared to 6 percent for Foley in a hypothetical rematch of their razor thin 2010 contest.

In contrast to the much more widely cited Quinnipiac University poll, which has shown Malloy and Foley tied and relies on telephone surveys, YouGov is Internet based and does not use probability sampling.

Looking at the crosstabs of the latest poll, Malloy leads Foley 42 percent to 29 percent among women voters, with another 11 percent leaning toward the governor to just 6 percent lean for Foley.

Among men, Foley leads Malloy 51 to 26 percent, with 6 percent leaning towards each of the candidates.

One of the big takeaways from the poll is Foley’s lead among independents, 50 percent to 15 percent over Malloy, with 10 percent leaning toward the Republican and 7 percent leaning toward the Democratic incumbent.

Unaffiliated voters represent the largest bloc of the electorate in Connecticut.

Neil Vigdor