Andres Ayala wins Democratic primary for Bridgeport state senate


State Senator Andres Ayala celebrated a dominating primary win over his opponent Scott Hughes Tuesday night.

At his campaign office on East Main street supporters and volunteers filed in early and by 8:30 p.m., shortly after the polls officially closed, people started celebrating as numbers came in and word spread that he won.

Americo Santiago, Campaign Coordinator for Andres Ayala, gave the numbers 1633 to 870 for Ayala. A victory of two-to-one.

Santiago said he was not worried about absentee ballots affecting the outcome because the campaign had loyal people in the street. Later result from the Office of Registrar showed that Ayala had beat Hughes in absentee votes as well.

As Ayala arrived to the small storefront office cheers erupted. After kissing his wife and hugging his mother he screamed to applause, “You guys are phenomenal.”

As supporters packed the office they joined hands in prayer.

“We are grateful for the work done in this community,” said a pastor to a roaring amen.

Ayala said he was looking forward to working with community in his continued reelection.

Christopher Rosario running for State Representative, also shared part of the campaign office with Andres Ayala, and celebrated out of the 2484 E. Main Street office his win.

Fausto Giovanny Pinto