Slow voting in Bridgeport

As of 6 p.m. Tuesday only 4,126 of Bridgeport’s 41,544 registered Democrats and Republicans had voted in the gubernatorial and legislative primaries, according to the Registrars of Voters.

“Now you can say it’s slow,” said Democratic Registrar Santa “Sandi” Ayala, who had been hoping that there would be a noticeable spike in voting between 4 p.m., when she received the last report, and 6 p.m.

The highest turnout was at Florence Blackham School, where 357 residents cast their primary ballots. Blackham is one of the sites where state Sen. Anthony Musto is hoping to fend off challenger Marilyn Moore.

At Dunbar School, where ex-state Sen. Ernest Newton is hoping to enjoy strong support as he seeks to return to the legislature and defeat challenger Andre Baker, 336 people had voted as of 6 p.m.Meanwhile the Town Clerk had received 1,214 absentee ballots out of the 1,927 requested.

Brian Lockhart