Somers wins GOP nomination for Lt. Governor

HARTFORD – GOP endorsed candidate and six-term state Rep. Penny Bacchiochi of Stafford has conceded the race for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor to former Groton Mayor Heather Somers.

Bacchiochi lost by 771 votes and does not plan to seek a recount. Somers took 34.5 percent of the vote compared to 33.6 percent for Bacchiochi and 31.9 percent for former U. S. Comptroller David Walker of Bridgeport.

“This was not the result we had hoped for, that we had worked so hard for the last 17 months. But I fully accept the will of the Republicans voters,” Bacchiochi said.

Bacchiochi said she was proud of the issues-based campaign she waged and insisted that her message of restoring political balance to government, a leaner bureaucracy and fiscal responsibility will resonate with all voters this fall. “The primary campaign laid the foundation for the fall contest that follows. We need to drive that message home and I know that the Tom Foley-led Republicans will make good on this effort,” Bacchiochi said.

Despite the lack of official, certified returns, Bacchiochi, the six-term State Representative from Stafford, concluded that a drawn out recount would be too time consuming and was not likely to substantially alter the results.

“I believe that the wisest decision for our party is to accept the results and get back to work on delivering a Republican victory in November,” she said.



Bill Cummings