VEEPstakes: Biden heading to Connecticut to help Malloy

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9 Responses

  1. Pjg43 says:

    Dear @sshat.
    Please stay home.
    Thank You,
    Joe Citizen.

  2. Ralph says:

    Funny how they’re concerned with the Democratic Governor’s Association coordinating with the state party. After all, isn’t that what the Democratic Governor’s Association requested, with Malloy’s consent, when it filed a lawsuit against the State Elections Enforcement Commission. The DGA knows Malloy is done, yet they want one last shot in violating state law.

  3. rebar4444s says:

    If I were running for re-election and was as far behind in some polls as Danny is this guy is the last person I would want coming to endorse me. BHO must have a tee time that day.

  4. DD 430 says:

    The late, great George Carlin said it best, “Occupation: Fool”. WIll he be wearing his court jester hat?

  5. fedup says:

    WOW….thats another nail in Malloy’s coffin !!!

  6. WF says:

    Are you kidding, Biden is God to the communists(sorry, democrats)

  7. USA1963 says:

    Last time the Veep was hear I think he called the Governor O’Mallory instead of Malloy. Would be nice if that happened again.

  8. mGirl says:

    Ha! Malloy is doomed. LOL

  9. Chuck Saxon says:

    How much will this visit cost the taxpayers of Connecticut, with State and Local police, fire and EMS overtime to secure the Vice President.

    Or will the respective campaigns reimburse the state and local governments?

    The State Election Commission should rule this expense a contribution and require reimbursement.