West Hartford Catholic Church will hold mass Tuesday morning for former Lt. Gov. Joe Fauliso

St. Peter Clavet Church on Pleasant Street in West Hartford will be the location Tuesday for a who’s who of state politicians paying their respects to one of the last icons of the Ella Grasso administration. Former Lt. Gov. Joseph Fauliso (photo by the Associated Press’s Jessica Hill) died last week at 98. He will be remembered as an astute politician, a former Senate president who rose to second in command of the state in December of 1980, when Ella Grasso, facing terminal illness after nearly six years in office, resigned, elevating William A. O’Neill to the governor’s office., where he served for 10 years and 10 days. Fauliso’s 10 years and 8 days in office was the most since John Treadwell, who servedJoseph Fauliso 11 years and 5 months, leaving office in 1809.