Bill Clinton to stump for Malloy in New Haven

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13 Responses

  1. Tim Lane says:

    How is “Bubba” a proper noun for a former President in a news article. CT Post is not talk radio.

  2. DAla says:

    More bad traffic jams and money from the taxpayers. You are wasting your time Danny, and Billybob’s as well. There is a grassroots movement in place to vote you out.

  3. WF says:

    Bill Clinton, my hero, having sex with 18 year old interns while Al Queda planed 9/11, thanks for watching out for us Bill–

  4. Crusader Rabbit says:

    Bubba? That would be Mr. President to you bozo. And, you can stop obsessing over PD overtime. That happens every time a high political official travels.

  5. Steve says:

    Since when is New Haven “Our Town”? As far as I know, I live In Greenwich, not New Haven. I think that you should be more careful with your headlines, because this one is very misleading. Besides, I thought that this was supposed to be a local newspaper. It seems that you people print news from everywhere else but not much local news. All I see is who is shopping on Greenwich Ave., or eating in some restaurant. Who really cares about this garbage. Sometimes you print a story about something that happened 2 or 3 days ago, after the Port Chester Daily Voice printed it soon after it happened. I am very disappointed in the direction that this “Local newspaper” has been headed. My opinion, it’s not worth the paper that it’s printed on.

  6. Steve (CT) says:

    Uh oh, parents lock up your daughters! Slick Willy is comin’ to town…

  7. Paul says:

    The disbarred perjurer and obstructer is coming to support the stammering fool, and to remind us all that it all depends on what the definition of “is” is.

  8. factsonly says:

    Although I don’t agree with his stance on illegal aliens, I sure have gained an appreciation for Bill Clinton over recent years.

  9. Auntie Teabag says:

    Take that Frankenstein Foley!

  10. Sounds so erotic says:

    the only thing the hicks fear more than Malloy is the nonstop passage of time.

    oh, and forgetting when Matlock is on!

  11. Proud to not be a lib says:

    This state is in such bad shape now, with Malloy at the helm. If he gets another 4 years, the state is DOOMED. Foley may not be the best candidate, but at least he isn’t a liberal progressive like Danny Boy. Doesn’t Bill Clinton have some skirts he can go chasing after, rather then coming to CT to campaign for the loser governor???

  12. Joe says:

    I see Malloy is bringing in the heavy artillery. He must be feeling pretty desperate.

  13. fedup says:

    and who’s picking up that tab??????