Why is Rep. Tony Hwang smiling?


Because Hwang’s campaign for the state Senate just got the endorsement of former Gov. M. Jodi Rell, the second woman to hold the office in state history and who is best known for being the ethical savior of the state following the corrupt administration of John G. Rowland, who resigned in 2004, before pleading guilty in federal court on his way to serving 10 months in prison. “The best public servant is the one who is in touch with everyday people, the one who you know can relate to you. Tony Hwang is one of the best.” Rell said in a statement released from Hwang’s campaign. “Few other legislators make as much time for their community and constituents as Tony, and even fewer do it out of a genuine desire to connect with people, to listen and help.”

The third-term Republican Hwang, of Fairfield, is running against state Rep. Kim Fawcett, D-Fairfield, for the Senate seat being vacated by Senate Minority Leader John McKinney.“To have the support of someone like Governor Rell, who I’ve long admired and looked up to, is profoundly powerful to me personally,” Hwang said. “She demonstrated true leadership when our state needed it most, and her charisma and warmth with people is inspiring.”