Malloy petitions Superior Court to extend voting in Hartford

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  2. missing wave says:

    Why is it we all feel that this election in CT was again stolen. How many voting locations had the machines switching, understand bridgeport was giving 2-3 voting pages. We need an investigation. M

  3. Mark says:

    Bridgeport Democrats Motto: Voter early, Vote often.

  4. Fed Up says:

    Here we go again….Malloy admitted on camera ( that the polling locations he wants voting hours extended for are 90% democratic registered voters. This is a repeat of Bridgeport from the last election. If you can’t win legitimately, start gerrymandering so you can manipulate the outcome. If he wants to extend voting hours, do it STATE WIDE so it is not “hand picking” districts that traditionally go heavily one way or another. Malloy is trying to steal this election once again. Funny how the irregularities occur in Bridgeport and Hartford.

  5. Ozymandius says:

    Ayala will call the election for comrade malloy and then stuff ballots all night to make sure he wins in bidgepo

  6. SickOFMalloy says:

    Malloy need to lose and lose big, this guy is a POS!

  7. JETT says:

    This is just another one of Malloy’s tactics to confuse the voting process so voter fraud can take place with all the confusion. I can’t believe that the ballots and the polls were not set up in advance. They knew it was election day. I am so disgusted with the whole thing. I am sure he will say it was Foley’s fault or maybe he can be like Obama and blame it on Bush.

  8. John Goodman says:

    Serious question: How did Malloy read his ballot?

  9. FDR says:

    Funny, “some left because of the wait,” but the picture shows all the booths are empty.(?)

  10. graham says:

    Let’s see, who was the Govenor in charge when these voting machines failed and the chaos was created?


  11. Gettin nervous danny boy ? get out of bed earlier.stamford remembers

  12. what? says:

    The people voting at 7 am likely have jobs, which means they’re voting for Foley. Malloy should be happy they left the line for work.

  13. nowaytoday says:

    its ok you can erase my posts, you cannot erase them from other sites with the same story :)

  14. FedUp says:



  15. Paul V says:

    There always has to be something…There’s nothing wrong with having to wait a bit. I just waited 40 minutes to get a haircut…know why? THEY can’t afford to do biz here either.

  16. InTheKnow says:

    Talk about a desperation move…

  17. nowaytoday says:

    glitches? you mean reprogramming the machines to make you the winner… I do not trust these machines, who makes sure they are programmed correctly.

  18. kc says:

    CT new motto “you can vote for anyone you want, as longs as its a democrat”

  19. JDM says:

    The “glitches” are just another sign of Malloy’s failure as the leader of CT. His administration has been aware of the election since he took office. Sad…

  20. PT Barnum Lives says:

    Hey Danny boy……….When the going gets tough call Bridgeport’s own Sandra Ayala. She will make sure the poles stay open for hours in Hartford and that only Democrats will be admitted. Early and Often…..that is the Connecticut way.

  21. FEDUP says:

    B******T is starting already with Malloy !!!