Exclusive: Texas makes a play for GE

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  1. amctxdc says:

    Lots of folks commenting who have their head in the sand. MarketWatch just ranked Dallas as the #1 city for business in the U.S., with San Francisco 2nd. Forbes just ranked Dallas, Texas and Austin, Texas as 2 of the top 5 emerging Silicon Valley mega technology centers, along with Seattle, Chicago, New York, San Francisco. Dallas/Fort Worth is #2 in the U.S. behind Silicon Valley for HB-1 Visas – smart technology people moving in from overseas. Toyota North America is building their new 2.2 Million square foot headquarters outside Dallas, moving from Southern California and other companies are following. BTW – Texas is about 16th of all 50 States in number of guns per capita – trailing Pennsylvania and New Hamphsire among other states. And a Dallas High School just received the #1 ranking by U.S. News.

  2. Tony says:

    Per the 2015 State Business Tax Climate, CT ranks 32nd in Corporate Income Tax Rank. Connecticut is ranked AHEAD of Texas in Corporate Income Tax. Just FYI some notable rankings.

    32 Connecticut
    34 California
    37 Massachusetts
    39 Texas (also ranked 36th in Sales Tax vs. CTs 31st)
    41 New Jersey
    44 Minnesota (another state that posted add, this time to insurance companies)
    46 Pennsylvania

  3. JS says:

    Michael54 – well said ;)

  4. doctorpk66 says:

    LMFAO ….., Bye bye CT. Connecticut.sucks !

  5. Paul says:

    The hell with Malloy And his administration GE should move to Texas

  6. Michael54 says:

    JLSINCT–You should stay RIGHT HERE! Your daughters can have as many abortions as they can handle (who knows how many); the street kids can hop your fence and use your community pool and create pandemonium until dawn (since they don’t attend school anyway). And it’s obvious that you have not toured places in Texas such as the River Oaks district of Dallas or you would not be so ignorant as to say what you did. You, Sir … ARE A JERK … and should stay right where you are no matter what tax and spend democrats do in Hartford. As someone recently said: our elected representatives in Hartford will soon be playing cribbage as the state collapses.

  7. UpinCT says:

    Maybe this will wake up Malloy & his ilk….no wait, I must be dreaming.

  8. JLSINCT says:

    It would work out great for GE employees and their families to boogie over to Texas. That is, unless someone in their family needs a safe, legal abortion. Or is a minority that attends a pool party. Or is a member of the LGBT community. Or might not support seceding from the Union. Or needs a healthcare plan after GE eviscerates their retirement plan. Or until GE just cashes in their chips after sucking tax incentives dry and decides to shift the rest of their assets to tax shelters overseas, maybe stopping along the way to suck out the assets of another state or two first.

    BTW- don’t count on Immelt to move his family from pristine New Canaan, CT to anywhere in Texas.

  9. NoMasTaxes says:

    Connecticut has one of the lowest corporate income taxes? Texas and NO corporate income tax, what’s better one of the lowest taxes or zero taxes? I think GE should move to,Texas and take all those $100,000 plus year executive and emgineering jobs with them. We can all then blame that stuttering fool Malloy for his complete incompetence. Unbelievably stupid politicians.

  10. yo mama says:

    Strongly recommended. Texas is a great place to live. Low cost, great weather plenty of space. Any GE employees who refuses is stupid.

  11. Michael54 says:

    ElRushbo … that’s really sick. So you believe that the officers and directors of national and international companies headquartered in Texas walk around with “six shooters” on their belts. This is the problem with liberal propaganda, Folks! And companies headquartered in Texas pay female employees less than companies headquartered elsewhere … your statement exposes you for the JERK that you are. If you want to see unequal pay, look at the White House payroll in terms of gender.

  12. ElRushbo says:

    Great, all the big shots can pack their six shooters at work…..

    And, NO equal pay for women, win – win !

  13. 06082 says:

    Shall we counter:

    Dear Governor Abbott – We humbly suggest it would be easier, and whole lot more beneficial if you simply come here and serve as our Governor.

    Qui transtulit sustinet,

  14. leroy smith says:

    Michael,they were going to bail anyway – they already sold off GE capital, and because of that there is really no reason to stay close to the NY financial markets.

  15. Michael54 says:

    If Connecticut truly DOES have “… one of the lowest …” corporate tax rates in the country, then we don’t have anything to worry about, DO WE? We all know that is as much of a blatant lie as is our governor’s campaign promise of no tax increases for the folks. How do we know it’s a lie?: corporations considering moving their Hqs to friendlier climes and other states (which know the truth) courting them. In a weird sense, I hope they all bail out because that’s the only way the uninformed voters in this state will ever start to pay attention to what is going on in Hartford with the representatives (so called) that they keep reelecting year after year after year.