Governor cuts asking price at his Shippan home

Stamford Advocate File Photo

Stamford Advocate File Photo

Looks like the Governor’s home on Ocean Drive East in Stamford is still on the market, though the asking price has changed since it first went up for sale in the fall. While the home originally asked $1,478,000, it’s since been slashed by $50,000, first with a $30,000 cut in December, and again with another $20,000 this month.

The property is no longer listed on Zillow at all, though you can still find it on other sites, like Weichert and  Coldwell Banker, where you’ll see the new asking price of $1,428,000. And if you find yourself driving by, you’ll see the baby-blue sign listing Malloy’s sister Gail as the listing agent still graces the front lawn.

Here’s a bit about the home, from an article we published when it hit the market in November:

Malloy and his wife Cathy purchased the structure in 1998, moving it about 100 feet to a half-acre lot at 277 Ocean Drive East and transforming the building from a historic carriage barn into a luxury four-bedroom home where they raised their three sons. While the Malloys vacated the house in 2011 after the governor’s inauguration, filling the space with a renter who paid $8,000 a month, the house has always loomed large in their life.

Reconstructing it back in 1998 and 1999 was a labor of love for the Malloys, who are known as dedicated preservationists. When they purchased the barn, it was still attached to a gardener’s cottage by a second-story breezeway, according to Chuck Jepsen, the neighbor from whom the Malloys purchased the property. Jepsen lives in the nearby “Holiday House,” a Queen-Anne style home built in 1887 by Colonel Woolsley Hopkins, a descendant of Shippan’s forefatherMoses Rogers.

“We had always had very formal shingle Colonials,” Cathy Malloy told The Advocate in 1999.

Maggie Gordon