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Monthly Archive for March, 2014

: March, 2014

Should You Buy or Sell a Home with a Hubbard Clause?

If you own your home, and wish to buy another home, but need to sell your home first in order to use the equity as a downpayment, or to be able to qualify for another mortgage, you may have heard the

Share Your Home! Social Media Selling Strategies

Don’t underestimate the power of social media when it comes to selling your home. This may not be the first time you have gone through the selling process, but marketing strategies of your home have

Buying or Selling a Condo? Don’t Miss These Important Tips

Is a condo right for you?  Or, is time to sell your condo and purchase a home? The neighbors have a lot to do with your ability to sell your condominium, or for a buyer to get a loan. Yes, it sounds a

How to Interview an Agent to Sell Your Home

Exercise due diligence, and trust your gut. Beginning the moving process starts with choosing a Realtor, which can be a daunting task. There are all sorts of articles available on the web, however

Common Homebuyer Myth- It’s Best to Buy Through the Listing Agent

If you thought that it was a good idea to call the agent who has the home of your dreams listed for sale, think again. That may be contrary to what you may have heard. Some buyers think that if only

Verbal Offers on Your Home – Should You Respond?

In most of southwestern Connecticut, an offer that is not in writing is not going to hold much weight with any seller’s agent who worth his/her “salt”, so to speak. If you are attempting to sell your

Westport’s “Deal of the Day” $549,900!

With Westport’s average list price coming in at just around 2.6 million dollars, finding a  home in the lower price ranges can prove to be quite a challenge. Today’s “Deal of the Day” is at 20 Hickory

It’s March 1st- Time to Get Moving!

If you ask most any Realtor when the traditional Spring market arrives,  they will most likely tell you that the buying season has already begun. It’s March 1. For goodness sakes, we have had  more