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Monthly Archive for July, 2014

: July, 2014

Ten Rules of Etiquette Every Home Buyer Should Know

If you are in the market to purchase a home, keep in mind that there are some unwritten rules of etiquette.  Not adhering to simple courtesies could actually cost you thousands in negotiating, if you

Selling Your Home: Lessons From a Supermarket

What does a supermarket possibly have in common with the home selling process? In short, supermarkets implement and artfully execute strategic marketing,  or what is also called “positioning”. The

Your Home is Overpriced?

Not looking forward to having that “Just Reduced” phrase attached to your home?  You’re not alone. Hearing those dreaded four words that no seller wants to hear- as in, “Your home is overpriced” makes

What’s Wrong With the Neighborhood?

Two weeks ago there was one house for sale, and then another one came on the market, and now…. another For Sale sign just went up! There are not all that many houses on the street, so what gives?