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Author: Judy Szablak

Is it True That Spring is the Best Time to Sell Your Home?

Is the onset of “the home selling season” all just hype? “The Spring Market” is an interesting and subjective term which has a few very common misconceptions. “Wait for the spring market.” “Don’t miss

Cost Per Square Foot is NOT a Reliable Indicator of Home Value

The analytical thought process to compare properties on a cost per square foot basis may appear correct in theory, but in all actuality, it is not a reliable gauge. Many factors come into play when it

My Home Failed the Building Inspection. Now What?

Oh, no! How could your home possibly fail a home inspection? Especially when you pay very close attention to maintenance! One step at a time. Take a deep breath and try to relax. Let’s look at the

Selling Your Home is a Series of Negotiations.

Deciding to sell involves a number of negotiations, whether you plan for them or not. It truly is a compromise between two parties, and involves both making small concessions. You should both get what

STOP! Don’t Touch That Radon Test in Progress!

Think twice before you touch that radon test in progress. The slightest movement can and will be detected.  A test that has been tampered with will either cause the transaction to fall apart, or at

Want To Be a Landlord? Here Are Some Important Dos and Don’ts

Owning rental property  and obtaining passive income by receiving monthly rents can be quite lucrative, however it can also be a disaster if it’s not handled properly. Whether you’re in  Fairfield

Why Your Home’s Tax Assessment Does Not Equal its Value.

While your home’s annual property taxes are determined by your assessment, which in turn is a percentage of your home’s appraisal, that valuation can be very much out of date. It is not indicative of

Should You Fix Up Your Home or Sell it AS-IS?

Now that it is time to sell your home, you may come to the realization that there were some items that you should have repaired or updated  over the years. The time has now come to make those

The Importance of Timing When Negotiating Your Home

Your home is on the market, you’ve either had a few showings or many, and then… the much anticipated offer has finally come in!  Oh, the excitement!, and then it’s back  to reality. They offered HOW

What NOT to do When Selling Your Home

Selling your home? You are not alone in wanting to get the most money out of your sale. However, sometimes in an effort to do just that, you can sabotage yourself without even knowing it. Make sure