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Talking out of both sides of his mouth

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In honor of Danbury being accepted into the ICE prorgam, lets look at some past quotes from the last honest man in the city.

Mayor Boughton, Hartford Courant 05.07.05

Lost in the hubbub is the political reality that having state police enforce immigration law in Connecticut is unlikely to happen anytime soon, if ever. And even Boughton acknowledges that his plan would have little effect on the number of undocumented immigrants in town.


Blumenthal responded to Boughton’s request by saying it would need the approval of Gov. M. Jodi Rell, Public Safety Commissioner Leonard Boyle and the state legislature.

Blumenthal said there is no chance of that happening this year and he has “serious reservations” about the proposal.

“Deputizing local or state police is not a long term or fundamental solution to the problem,”
he said.

Although Boughton wants state police to enforce immigration law, he is not interested in Danbury police having the same authority, for fear it would cripple their ability to investigate other crimes.

“The same is true, to an even greater extent, for the state police,” Blumenthal said.

Mayor Boughton, New York Times 05.25.05

It will begin at Kennedy Park, where the crowds of Hispanic men who gather before dawn to find work as day laborers helped prompt Mayor Mark D. Boughton to ask that the state police be deputized to enforce federal immigration laws.


Now, while members of Danbury’s Common Council continue to draft a ”repetitive outdoor activity” ordinance to restrict volleyball by cracking down on parking and noise, among other things, the mayor says deputizing the state police may not be necessary, that the police may have enough remedies without becoming immigration agents.

Mayor Boughton, Hartford Courant, April 26 2006.

Most local police departments say they have no interest in arresting illegal immigrants who have not committed crimes. Even in Danbury, when Mayor Mark Boughton last year tried unsuccessfully to have state police enforce immigration law, he said he didn’t want his police doing it because it could discourage immigrants from cooperating in criminal investigations.

Food for thought…kinda makes you wonder about his comments regarding the Danbury 11 case huh?