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Danbury Town Clerk candidate Louise Michael’s campaign slogan is laughable at best

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You have to be kidding me right…take a look at this remarkable quote.

“It’s disgusting that the Democrats would stoop to destroy someone’s reputation like this. I’m sure the public will see through it.”

This silly remark comes from Louise Michael, the Republican candidate for Town Clerk who whining and complaining because she was busted for having tax liens and unpaid sewer and water fees her properties totaling over an amazing 7,000 dollars…dating back to 2007!!!!

So let me get this straight Louise…you’re running for the position of Town Clerk yet you, a) have outstanding unpaid sewer and water fees on your properties going back to AT LEAST 2007, and b) have tax liens on your properties, YET you have the nerve to accuse others for pointing out your asinine failure to pay your debts to the city BEFORE YOU DECIDED TO RUN FOR ELECTED OFFICE??

Exactly how did this person get the endorsement of the Republican Town Committee?

I think the editorial form the Aug 19 edition of the Tribuna said it best.

As so often happens in political campaigns, information never before released suddenly comes to light to reveal the candidates’ “real” background. About two weeks ago, I received an anonymous envelope at the Tribuna newsroom containing documents that pose serious questions about the ability of a Republican contender for a position at City Hall. These documents reveal public records of tax delinquency, which according to the reports, total more than $7,800.00.

It is a fact that the nation is facing severe economic challenges. But I firmly believe that if one’s aspiration is to serve the public, but he or she has allegedly, not fulfilled all tax obligations, then this is not an ideal candidate for the job. Moreover, that candidate, being aware of any delinquencies, risks exposing not only him or herself, but also the party he or she represents, to attacks from the opposing side.

Simply put, the position of Town Clerk is one of the most important elected positions in Danbury which requires great knowledge and responsibility. The Town Clerk ahs to be accountable for the city’s public records and MUST file documents in a timely manner in accordance to state law.

If Michael can’t pay her taxes on time (to the point where she has liens on her property), how ON EARTH can she expect to be an effective Town Clerk?

Better yet, how can her campaign be taken seriously?

Michael’s campaign slogan is “Louise gets the job done!” Well, based on her tax payment history, I think it’s fair to say that her slogan is a tad bit ridiculous.

UPDATE: From records at city hall, here’s Michael’s tax delinquency breakdown (as of 07.27.09).
Click here to download the document (pdf format).