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VIDEO: A look back at the Bethel Republican primary

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(from top left to bottom): Poll monitors print out the voting numbers, Republican Town Committee members crunch the numbers, First Selectman Bob Burke waits for the results, Larry Craybas is graduated for his victory, the final results.

As you know, yesterday I made the long and difficult trek from Danbury to Bethel to cover that town’s Republican primary. As you know, by the end of the night, Republicans in Bethel made Larry Craybas and Paul Szatowski their choice for the top of the ticket over current First Selectman Robert Burke and Bill Slifkin.

From yesterday, here’s how the official vote count unfolded.

After the total vote count was announced, I turned my attention from reporting on the results to conducting interviews…

First. I talked to First Selectman Robert Burke and Bill Slifkin about their plans for the general election. I also gave primary winners Larry Craybas and Paul Szatowski a chance to give their thoughts regarding their victory.

Since Bethel is facing a three-way race, I questioned Republican Town Committee chairman Paul Improta about the danger of having a split vote among members of his party in the general election.

At the end of the night, I worked out arrangements with the Democrats and was able to interview Democratic First Selectman candidate Matt Knickerbocker and get his thoughts on the upcoming general election.

At the end of the day, although the Republicans in Bethel had their say, we now have a situation where three candidates will make their plea to the general public. If the events leading up to the primary are any indication of things to come, lets just say that the campaign season in Bethel should be interesting (to say the least).