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State Elections Enforcement Commission complaint filed against Derek Roy campaign

One of many fliers from Derek Roy that were on the campus of Western Connecticut State University

Questions surrounding the campaign tactics of Derek Roy has led to a complaint filed against the Republican Common Council candidate.

Starting with angering military officials with the use of his uniform in a campaign video on YouTube, to angering fellow fire fighters who were alarmed over Derek’s use of his firefighters uniform (as well as filming in a firehouse) in another campaign video, it seems like controversy and accusations of questionable campaign tactics were nothing new for 5th ward candidate / college dormitory student ( see here, here).

That being said, in October, students at Western Connecticut State University were rather alarmed to see their midtown campus littered with Roy’s campaign material. As someone with a tad bit of knowledge about policy at Western, I questioned whether it was even legal for him to place campaign material all over the campus in the manner that he did.

Well, according the a recent article in campus newspaper, The ECHO, I’m not the only one who questioned Roy’s style of campaigning….

Students at Western Connecticut State University may have noticed a large amount of campaign posters hanging around campus promoting the campaign of Derek B. Roy to be elected to the Common Council in Danbury’s 5th ward. Some students at WestConn expressed concern about these posters.

Student Sara Waterfall was particularly concerned with the posters and decided to send them to the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC). This means that the State of Connecticut will now begin an investigation into the issue of the posters at WestConn

In response here’s what Roy said.

…Roy went on to explain that from his understanding, the signs were hung by Danbury High School students. When asked if he thought it was appropriate for signs to be hung on campus, Roy replied, “I think it’s important to advertise, but you need to advertise correctly. The SEEC does have certain rules and regulations, I think it’s important that candidates use the law and follow the law and enforce it with their volunteers.

Roy, who again, is a student at Western, littered midtown campus with his campaign material for at least a month prior to the election, yet he’s attempting the blame the situation on “Danbury High School students?”

…and lets not forget the FACT that some of your campaign material clearly stated “ATTENTION WESTCONN STUDENTS” which means that the fliers were clearly intended to be seen by students at Western.

Let’s continue…

…Roy seemed annoyed that he was being reported to the SEEC at all. He was very insistent on the ideas that issues should come before politics. “It’s about the issues, it’s not about a sign, it’s not about tape.”

This is NOT about politics but rather about possible violations in terms of placing political material on the campus of a state institution to the annoyance of students…and apparently university officials as well.

With all the controversy surrounding the campaign posters on campus, The ECHO contacted Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Walter Bernstein. In an email statement, Berstein said “The University, or any other state agency, may not be used as a place for candidates to promote their candidacy. Because of this, we have asked Mr. Roy to take down any such signs that may be on campus.”

I had a chance to interview Western Connecticut State University Student Sara Watrerfall, the individual asked the State Elections Enforcement Commission to look into the activities of Roy’s campaign.

I saw Roy’s material on campus first-hand and the word “littered” is an understatement as it was all over the place (walls, doors, windows, etc). It will be interesting to see how this complaint develops and see the commission’s ruling in regards to what a candidate for municipal office can and can not do on a state campus.

Here’s a copy of the article as reported by The ECHO as well as his response to the article that was made as an insert in the paper.


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