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Joe Lieberman lied to Keith Whamond’s face

I wonder how Keith Whamond feels about Joe LIEberman lying to his face?

A few months ago, the junior senator from the state of Aetna did an online interview with Whamond where he took with a series of questions form the public.

Here’s what Joementum said about expanding Medicare.

My proposals were to basically expand the existing successful public health insurance programs Medicare and Medicaid…

“When it came to Medicare I was very focused on a group — post 50, maybe more like post 55. People who have retired early, or unfortunately have been laid off early, who lose their health insurance and they’re too young to qualify for Medicare.

“What I was proposing was that they have an option to buy into Medicare early and again on the premise that that would be less expensive than the enormous cost. If you’re 55 or 60 and you’re without health insurance and you go in to try to buy it, because you’re older … you’re rated as a risk so you pay a lot of money.

That was Lieberman back then…this is Lieberman now.

We’ve got to stop adding to the bill,” said Lieberman. “We have to start subtracting some controversial things. I think the only way to get this done before Christmas is to bring in some Republicans who are open minded on this like [Sen.] Olympia Snowe…”

How does one do that, asked host Bob Schieffer?

“You have to take out the Medicare buy-in,” said Lieberman. “You have to forget about the public option. You probably have to take out the CLASS Act, which was a whole new entitlement program that will, in future years, put us further into deficit. And you have to adopt some of the cost containment provisions…. If you did that, you’d have an enormous accomplishment. Thirty million Americans who can’t afford insurance today would get it. Insurance companies would be more aggressively regulated and costs would be bent down. It’s time to get reasonable.


UPDATE: Whamond’s interview with Lieberman is making news on all the networks. Here’s Chris Matthews commenting on LIEberman’s flip-flop.

UPDATE 2: Good grief! Today, at his press conference, Joe Lieberman addressed the Whamond interview and LIED again.

LIEBERMAN: I didn’t change my mind on the Medicaid buy-in…

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