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Low information voters for Boughton

Cross post from HatCityBLOG

From the letter to the editor section of the Bristol Press, here a sample of the type of supporter Mayor Mark’s depending on for Tuesday.

Mr. Boughton has been mayor of Danbury since 1991. Danbury has been voted the safest city in Connecticut with the lowest percentage of unemployment. He is well qualified to be our next lieutenant-governor.

Since I know a thing or two about Boughton’s integrity, I wouldn’t be shocked if Mayor Mark told people across the state that he’s been in charge of Danbury since ’91. It’s not like Boughton has a history of taking credit for things that implemented under Gene Eriquez’s watch (magnet school, parking garage plan to revitalize Main Street, etc).

…he’s not the call last honest man in Danbury for nothing.