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Taborsak criticize News-Times for failure to scrutinize city’s admitted wrongdoing in firefighter lawsuit

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Back in June, Danbury Democratic Town Committee chairwoman Lynn Taborsak wrote a letter to the editor in which she criticized Mayor Boughton, Former Fire Chief/At-Large City Councilman Phil Curran and Civil Service Chairman Mike Finn for their alleged roles in the recently settled firefighter lawsuit.

Taborsak’s letter (which you can read by clicking here) gave details into the merit of the suit and called upon Boughton to provided details in regards to the city’s admittance of wrongdoing that played a factor into the case being settled for over 400,000 dollars. All of the points in Taborsak’s letter were reported numerous times on this site and can be found in the court records.

If you missed Taborsak’s letter to the editor in the News-Times…it’s because the newspaper refused to publish it.

Last week, Taborsak took to the airwaves to provide the public details regarding the case, express her frustration with the paper’s refusal to examine the city’s admitted wrongdoing in the case, and comment on the rejection of her letter to the editor.


Boughton refuses to provide details regarding city’s admittance of wrongdoing in firefighter lawsuit settlement

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