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Boughton’s favorite xenophobe’s approval for violence against immigrant community sparks outrage

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I don’t think Boughton is going to be happy with this…and you would think that Marciano would have learned a thing or two since her anti-Islam statement about the President sparked a great deal of outrage.

On Tuesday night, anti-immigrant leader Elise Marciano made an appearance on local access TV with the well known racist pervert Tom Big(o)T Bennett and both, who are rabid supporters of Boughton, basically made an ass out of themselves.

Since Boughton embraced and acknowledge his solidarity with the leader of the anti-immigrant misfits the Democratic State Central Committee as well as yours truly and national groups have been hard at work exposing the bigotry from Marciano that we in Danbury already know all too well.

Readers of HatCityBLOG were was instrumental in exposing Bennett’s outrageous and violent on-air remarks and violations of the policy of Comcast cable that ultimately resulted in the village idiot having his ridiculous show moved to a later time slot.

Well, the two morons’ outrageous comments resulted in State Central releasing the following statement to the national media and public.

Connecticut State Central Press Release:

In September, Danbury Mayor and Republican Lieutenant Governor Candidate Mark Boughton was caught campaigning for himself and Tom Foley at a United State Citizens for Immigration Law Enforcement (USCFile) rally, at which his was warmly welcomed by USCFile leader, Elise Marciano. Marciano, the woman who publicly declared her belief that President Obama was a Muslim, had this to say on the topic: “He’s (Obama) not going to a Christian church. As President of the United States, he’s not going to a Christian church, even though he claims that the Reverend Wright’s church was Christian. How do you figure that? I’ll tell you why – because he was brought up as a Muslim, and he is a Muslim and they cannot go back on their religion.”

On Tuesday night, Boughton’s favorite anti-immigrant extremist and supporter Elise Marciano was at it again, this time claiming that President Obama has told “the whole damn world” to come into the country to “take over these damned Americans who are reading and writing and finding out what we are doing in Congress.” In particular, Marciano said she believes President Obama especially wants the “ones that are uneducated to come in and take over by sheer magnitude of numbers.”

But it gets worse.

Following Marciano’s tirade, her good friend, fellow anti-immigrant extremist Tom Bennett, put forward his own idea to form a “vigilante” group to “get busses and take these illegals…out on the ocean and put them in a boat with holes in it.” During the entirety of Bennett’s radical and scary rant, Marciano smiled and stayed silent, refusing to oppose Bennett’s call for vigilantism.

Earlier this month, Foley came under fire for appointing Reverend Barbara Sexton as his “Independents for Tom” chairwoman. Sexton wrote racist and hate-filled statements all over her blog, including her belief that “all blacks voted for Barack, period,” while arguing that Obama is a Muslim “masquerading as a Christian,” who is “not interested in protecting the interests of those of us who come from the Judeo-Christian tradition.” When confronted about Sexton’s involvement in the campaign, the best Foley’s campaign could do was lie, and cover up their first lie with another.

“This isn’t an isolated incident,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo. “This is part of a larger pattern where Tom Foley’s campaign has courted supporters who have known extremist views, regarding race, religion or country of origin. It’s disturbing, to say the least, that people like Barbara Sexton, Elise Marciano and Tom Bennett may have a seat at the table in a Foley/Boughton administration. Mr. Bennett’s call for vigilantism against immigrants must immediately be disavowed by both Tom Foley and Mark Boughton. In addition, they really need to take a closer look at the people they have installed in key leadership roles in their campaign, and the events at which they ask for support from people.”


ELISE MARCIANO: “He’s (President Obama) just telling the whole damn world, come into America, we’re going to let you do whatever you want. We just want you to take over these damned Americans who are reading and writing and finding out what we are doing here in Congress, and they don’t like it, so we gotta overwhelm them. That’s what they’re doing. That’s exactly what they’re doing. They want all these people, especially the ones that are uneducated, to come in here and take it over by sheer magnitude of numbers. They won’t know what they’re voting for, they won’t know what to do. It’ll be, you know, just anything they want.”

TOM BENNETT: “It’s time to do vigilantism, that’s what it’s time to do. We have to be organized and become vigilantes for our own protection. We have to protect our country, our citizens, because the police aren’t doing it. We have to protect our own borders. So I say, that we have to get together and have a very, very large vigilante group. Oh yeah. We need that. And then we can have club dues, have fundraisers and then we can get busses and take these illegals and we can get rid of them ourselves. We can take them out on the ocean and put them in a boat with holes in it. And that’s it, okay?”

As readers of this site know, this isn’t the first time Bennett has called for a vigilante/violent approach to the issue of illegal immigration in Danbury…and in future posts, you’ll see how Marciano and her ilk are not immune when it comes to implying a violent approach to addressing the issue of immigration in the city.

…more on the Boughton ties to Marciano later.

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