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Cross post from HatCityBLOG

On Saturday, after a LONG PERIOD of silence, the City Council Democrats issued a press release where they expressed concerns about the lack of information regarding the US Post Office public hearing.

While encouraged by the Post Office’s statement that residents will have their say when the USPS holds a hearing in April or May about the future of the Main Street post office, City Council Democrats are concerned with the fact that the USPS has provided little information about the hearing.

“As we approach the end of April I have yet to see any specific information about the meeting and remain concerned that residents and businesses most impacted by a possible post office closure will not have the opportunity to be heard.” Stated City Council Minority Leader Tom Saadi continuing “We need specifics now regarding the where and when for the meeting and to see the plan for the Post Office to get the word out to those most affected by the possible closure.”

Saadi and other Council Democrats who live only minutes from downtown and represent Wards with many residents and businesses that rely on an official US Post Office Downtown, never received the recent postal survey. A fact of concern to them as it means that many people affected by possible closure were not included in the survey.

Why do I have the feeling that Mr. Honesty’s latest blog posting is not a coincidence…