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Q Poll yields bad news for critics of Gov. Malloy

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Recorded video stream of Q-Poll press conference via CTNewsJunkie

The latest poll from Quinnipiac provide a mixed bag of goodies for supporters and critics of Gov. Malloy.

Basically, Gov. Malloy’s poll numbers aren’t good because of his handling of the budget.

Connecticut voters give Gov. Dannel Malloy a negative 38 – 44 percent approval rating, apparently driven by 43 percent who are “dissatisfied” with the new state budget and another 16 percent who are “angry” with the budget, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. Only 36 percent described themselves as “enthusiastic” or “satisfied” with the budget.

Today’s results compare with a negative 35 – 40 percent approval rating for Gov. Malloy in a March 9 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll.

Before critics of the governor break out the champagne…lets take a look at the details.

Only 17 percent of voters say the new state budget spreads tax increases fairly across income groups while 67 percent say taxes should be higher on those with higher incomes.

The poll reinforce the feeling among progressives in the state that feel that many of the tax increases are too regressive and gives the rich a pass at the expense of the working families.

“His low approval rating is a reflection of how voters feel about his budget. Many voters are dissatisfied and some even say they are angry. They think the budget relies too much on tax increases and not enough on spending cuts. They also think the middle class is paying more than its fair share while those with higher incomes aren’t paying their fair share.”

State employees should take notice…

Connecticut state employees are making less than their fair share of sacrifices under the new budget, 36 percent of voters say, while 21 percent say workers are doing more than their fair share and 35 percent say they are doing about their fair share.

Public employee wages and benefits are too high, 46 percent of voters say, with 8 percent saying too low and 39 percent saying wages and benefits are about right.

Good news for supporters of paid sick leave…and bad news for Republicans who made the opposition to the legislation their number one priority during the session.

Connecticut voters support 72 – 25 percent a new law that requires large companies to offer five days of paid sick leave per year to employees. Support is 84 – 14 percent among Democrats, 50 – 44 percent among Republicans and 72 – 26 percent among independent voters. Men support the measure 63 – 34 percent while women back it 79 – 17 percent.

In other words, the Republicans at the General Assembly are out of touch with their own base and the general public.

…and there’s bad news for State Sen Toni Boucher.

Voters also support 66 – 31 percent a law to de-criminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. Support is 77 – 21 percent among Democrats, 49 – 45 percent among Republicans and 66 – 31 percent among independent voters. Support is slightly stronger among men, 69 – 28 percent, than among women, 64 – 33 percent.

In short, we’ll hear critics of the Gov. Malloy point to this poll as an indication that the governor’s budget is unpopular with the people WHILE ignoring the fact that the poll indicates that people are dissatisfied with the budget because it doesn’t tax the rich enough and that the public strongly support paid sick leave as well as the decriminalization of marijuana.

Let the spin begin!

Click here to read the full poll.

UPDATE CT Working Families Executive Director Jon green released the following statement regarding the Q-poll results on paid sick days.

Business lobbyists might hate to admit it, but for the public there’s nothing terribly controversial about the paid sick days law. Connecticut voters across the political spectrum support this issue because it’s the right thing to do for working families.

UPDATE 2: Hearst Newspaper’s Ben Doody has a good write-up on the latest Q-poll that echoes a lot of the points raised in this post.

A Quinnipiac poll released this morning has plenty of bad news for Gov. Malloy, who gets negative remarks both on his overall job performance (38 percent approve while 44 percent disapprove) and his handling of the state budget (36 percent approve, 52 percent disapprove).

But two major bills championed by Malloy are extremely popular — and when it comes to the paid stick leave bill, perhaps a lot more popular than state legislators realized while the bill was being debated.

The sick leave bill, mandating major companies provide employees with at least five paid sick days, barely passed the state Senate by an 18-17 vote (Sen. John Kissell of Enfield was the only Republican to support it), and didn’t have a whole lot of margin for error in the House, either.

The Quinnipiac poll, though, shows that 72 percent of all voters polled support the measure.

The measure gets support from voters across party lines — 84 percent of Democrats support it, along with 72 percent of independents and even 50 percent of Republicans.

The bill decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana is also extremely popular: 66 percent approve, including 77 percent of Democrats, 66 percent of independents and 49 percent of Republicans.