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Image exposes Public Work Director’s dishonesty regarding temperature problems at police station

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So much for the laughable claim that temperature at the police station never raises above 73 degrees.

Since the opening of the new building, there have been a laundry list of issues with the new building…and the most talked about complaint among rank and file members of the department centers on the high temperature conditions at the station.

During this month’s City Council meeting, Democrats Tom Saadi, Paul Rotello, and Fred Visconti addressed the police station temperature problem with Public Works Director Antonio Iadarola in which he repeatedly claimed that the temperature in the building has never risen above 73 degrees.

Iadarola (at 1:49 of the video): “I see a couple of emails flying around of some temp readings, let me just tell you…I have a sensor in every room and by computer I can determine what the temp is. There is no temp in any part of that building that was over 73 degrees.”

To say that Iadarola’s comment angered members of the police force who are forced to endure the high temperatures in the building would be an understatement. To prove that the Public Works Director wasn’t being honest with the public, here’s an image of the temperature reading in one room at the station shot days before the city council meeting…and it clearly shows that the temp is at 80 degrees!

Oh yeah…the image was shot in the evening.

Trust me, this is just the tip of the icebreg…MUCH MUCH more to come.